Significant Structure in Frankenstein!!:)

 When i finished reading the Frankenstein, i came to realize that this work has a significant structure. I was quite abosorbed into the main story, that of creation of Frankenstein and Victor Frankenstein’s tragedy. However, when i reached the end of story, i finally came back to the initial plot of Walton. Observing the whole work, there are three layers , and all of those  are narrated by a man.

At first, the outermost story is composed by letters which Robert Walton captain writes to his sister, Mrs. Saville. Robert Walton captain is towards the North Pole and he is writing letters to his sister who is living in a stable home. As Wilton is captured by the ideal of  contributing to the mankind by pioneering an unknown area as North Pole, an uneasy and frustrating atmosphere is building up and a revolt by crewmen is also threatening. Ignoring all these situations,however, Walton keeps proceeding toward the North Pole and on his way, he accidently meets Victor Frankenstein. Wilton listens to Victor’s contrite and depressed confess. And after that, he gives up his pursuing of ideal and decides to go back to warm home. 

Frankenstein  is providing a recovering conclusion by putting Wilton at the outermost of the whole story. And inside of the Wilton’s story, Shelley put the story of Victor Frankenstein. Victor’s enthusiastic creation acts ,the downfall, and chaos…… Then, at the innermost, there is a story of the moster, Frankestein, who became a incarnation of revenge after being abused for his ugly appearance.

This three-layer structure gave me a significant strike. Though Wilton defends the story of the monstor quite orderly, the story of Victor Frankenstein and his creature Frankenstein has still a powerful impact on me or, readers. Wilton’s outermost position helps the horrible monster story to be wrapped up, but ironically, it makes the monster’s story be more emotional resonance. I could think about the destruction of an evil, and how horrible the suppressed nature could become…..

 At first, I planned to focus on rather a significant word, but after i finished reading the whole story, i really wanted to write about the overall structure that stroke me deeply….:)

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