The diary of Nov 2nd, 2901.

Nov 2nd. 2901. weather:little bit cloudy.

*I created some parts and just rewrote about the occasions which could be possibly happening after kidnapping Akin:) 

 This early morning, my father and I went to the village meeting. There were whole people  of our viallge and we discussed about Akin, whom we recently kidnapped to our town. Akin was right in front of us, sitting on a chair. There were some guards keeping the eyes on Akin. Still as a young figure of a construct, Akin, seemed gloomy. Since the day when he first came here, he has never been happy, according to my observation. He can speak and hear. But he rarely smiles. He is always surrounded by our chiefs of the village, and is forced to behave appropriately. In other words, he is always educated by our chiefs. He learns about humans’ features and our history. I already learned that kind of stuffs when I was young, from my father. My father is one of the chiefs. Whenever my father comes back from teaching Akin, he worries about him very much. My father worries about his future. I couldn’t understand why he worries so much about that somewhat alien figure’s future, rather than mine! But soon, I found  out that Akin is so special to our species. He holds the authority of our future. He is the very first construct  between the human and the alien who is spreading its reign towards our world!

 So after the meeting this morning, I approached to him. His alien face frowned little bit. I was little bit scared by his response. He seemed to dislike me because he knows that my father is one of his strict teachers. But I showed intimacy toward him, starting with handshaking. I said that I want to be his friend. He didn’t seem to understand me. He just kept ignoring me. I didn’t give up to talk to him, and continuously asked him about him but he never answered. Giving up finally, I decided to go back home. But I just stayed behind his space for a while, because I just wondered  what he would do after I leave. And…!!! I saw he speaks strange words to himself and…..I definitely saw something crippy alien creature coming towards him from the bush. It resembled to Akin’s alien appearance little bit. I finally recognized that he was also keeping in touch with his half-parent,known as the dangerous creature, Oankali!!! Oh my god. I saw it first time in my life.Should I report this to my father? I was so confused…

And still, I’m confused .. I’m writing this diary alone in my room. My father is cooking now and I’m not sure if I should tell him about this. I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow, I will try to ask Akin about this one more time and then I’ll decide what to do.. Akin, Akin, Akin, what is our future? What is gonna be our human’s future..? You should protect us..!

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