Sympathy for Sarasti!

p.319-(Rewrite in Sarasti’s view)

[There was no sound. I felt sort of uneasiness through the weird expressions of the holograms. But I soon called the entire hominid tree into existence around me, and was quite astonished by their range of features. There was Siri, too.

Siri asked me, “My God, what is this?”

I didn’t know why Siri is so astonished about that. Siri seemed frightened, as well.

But then I just answered as, “Statistics.” and added, “Rorschach’s growth allometry over a two-week period. ” I just said what it is true for then, and said the holograms as the statistics which are necessary for studying our enemy, Rorschach. But Siri continuously seemed rather frightened. He uttered, “They’re faces…” I thought, “Of course, they are faces! Holograms!” So I nodded and looked at a woman with no eyes. “Skull diameter scales to total mass. Mandible length scales to EM transparency at one Angstrom. One hundred thirteen facial dimensions, each presenting a different variable. Principle-component combinations present as multifeature aspect ratios.” I explained more about what I know to Siri, objectively. Then I faced to Siri. Siri seemed to wonder. So I explained about them more, because I thought that Siri would be more surprised by what I say, ” You’d be surprised how much gray matter is dedicated to the analysis of facial imagery. Shame to waste it on anything as—counterintuitive as residual plots or contingency tables.”

Then I felt that Siri is quite skeptical and more frightened by my explanation. Siri asked me, “And the expressions? What do they represent?” As I have been done, I could not help but explaining and answering as it is about what Siri wonders….]

I picked this scene for my rewriting assignment, because I wanted to show the real mind and emotion of the vampire captain, Sarasti. Here in this re-written scene, I omitted all the feelings and frightened emotions of Siri. In the original scene, there are many lines that indicate that Siri himself is so astonished about the holograms and feel rather upset by what Sarasti explains about. But Sarasti keeps explaining it as he thinks, the facts. Also in the original text, there represented Siri’s fear for Sarasti through the depiction of “torture faces,” or “ I felt my jaw clenching.” However, in the re-written version, I rather focused on the emotions of the vampire. Although there is a fact that almost all of the humans are afraid of the vampires in that the vampires might feed on humans, the vampires could have humanities, too. Not all “humans” are a “human,” in this novel. Rather, modified humans are more lack of humanities. As Siri reflects on Sarasti at the end of the original novel, Sarasti saved Siri’s life. Siri thinks Sarasti as an important being to him :

I can’t miss Jukka Sarasti. God knows I try, every time I come online. He saved my life. He — humanized me. I’ll always owe him for that, for however long I live; and for however long I live I’ll never stop hating him for the same reason. In some sick surrealistic way I had more in common with Sarasti than I did with any human.

But I just don’t have it in me. He was a predator and I was prey, and it’s not in the nature of the lamb to mourn the lion. Though he died for our sins, I cannot miss Jukka Sarasti.

I can empathize with him, though. At long long last I can empathise, with Sarasti, with all his extinct kind. Because we humans were never meant to inherit the Earth. Vampires were. They must have been sentient to some degree, but that semi-aware dream state would have been a rudimentary thing next to our own self-obsession. They were weeding it out. It was just a phase. They were on their way(p.343-).

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