Clone, that does matter in science fiction:)

 In the novel, The House of Scorpion, Matt serves as a protagonist through the novel.  A young figure,Matt, finally survives and defeats the evil power by helpers around him and by his own courage. Also, since the author of this novel is a female, there is no action-fighting scenes. However, it indeed gives readers large amount of exciting aspects, such as a fast proceeding of a story.

 Anyway, the thing that I want to focus on in this blogging is that the protagonist, Matt, is a clone! Yeah~ A clone! He was born in order to provide with the organs, which are in need, to his model, El Patron. The novel depicts the process of being borned  of Matt and his growing up. In the process, Matt begins to question about himself. He seeks for his true identity! Lots of people treat him as a filthy being, once they know that he is a clone. Althouth there are several characters who help Matt and treats him with a warm-heart, Matt shows his confusion on his identity as the plot goes on. But after all, Matt defeats the vice characters, takes part in the riot with the exploited children  and then releases the slaves who were working under  El Patron’s reign of the leading country of producing opium.  Considering the results, Matt indeed plays an important role far better than the humans in the novel. And through the directly-opposed characters in the way of treating Matt, the question of  “Does a clone deserve to be treated as a real human, or no?” rises. In this novel, since Matt is described as a positive protagonist who saves the people and the society, it could be said that such a clone should be treated as fairly enough as a human. However, the purpose of the clone’s production was to provide with the organs, so the clone  might be also thought just as an object which is a sub-creature of a real human. And that is why many people disrespect Matt in the novel.

 The very aspect of ‘clone,’ can be discovered in other sceince fictions, as well. Since the technology of cloning is a probable technology that could be realized, some of sciecne fictions use this as a material. First, Frankestein! Although the monster Frankenstein is lack of human appearance in some degree, it is definitely a clone of doctor Frankenstein! And there is also a process of its creation. And for Neuromancer and Blade Runner, there come  some characters who are not totally humans, but somewhat seem as  humans, though they are lack of recognition and are composed of mechanical things. But they are not completely a clone of someone else, as Matt or Frankenstein.  Anyway, related to the cloning, it is interesting that Matt is concerning about his identity. Matt indeed has a thinkable ability and that could be counted as a human feature, though the purpose of the production(?) of Matt rebuts the humanity. ..

Okay, this matter of ‘cloning’ or a ‘clone’ was what I thought similar to the matter of some other sceince fiction novels:)

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